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WhenJinsdon company and after signing you purchase and sales contract, our service system is starting to...

In order to fully meet the financial industry nationwide customer service demand, Jinsdon company's all business activities to serve customers, satisfy all customers the actual demand for primary jumping-off place.


7 x 24 hour uninterrupted close technical service, guarantee the customer's investment demand, accept customer service, relying on in sales and service network throughout the country, with financial industry for years service rich technical accumulation, various effective service form and standardized service management experience for support, facing the whole country provide responsive and efficient operation of all-round customer service.


The thorough careful service support is always sticking to the Jinsdon this.


Along with the market development and growth, Jinsdon service system will also constantly adjust and perfect, with more timely, quick, convenient to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Our service process:

A, accepting or contact. Report

1, telephone report: customer call Jinsdon service hotline 86-0755-89918655, 7 * 24 hours can receive timely response.

2, the salesman Jinsdon reachable: through local salesperson effectively.


No matter in what way, would you please the following reachable Jinsdon effectively elements told service provider:

A) the failure of the time, place, product parts or components.

B) fault phenomenon description.

C) the customer contacts.

Second, self-service

Login Jinsdon company website homepage self-help to solve problems.

Three, processing stage

A) the personnel of the service to the customer after repair service demand should understand, will report elements such as information management system, the input engineering and fill in related written records.

B) the personnel of the service judgment belongs to customers to use method problem, by senior customer service engineer turned clients in operation.

C) need field service, customer service manager timely service engineers on-site services.

D) service engineers on-site service completion, please confirm client signs. Customers by customer service confirmed, signed by administrative departments of service performance credited service engineer.

Four, regeneration and return visits

Customer report, within 24 hours of the customer service department timely phone users pay, understand a product service.

Five, the system upgrades

For a free upgrade software products, Jinsdon contact the customer upgrade software. Customers can also through the Jinsdon company web site and download drive/upgrade procedures.

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