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Jin Shi Dun fully waterproof solar electricity complement ea

Shenzhen of Jin Shi Shield Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province, gold the Shi shield controller design into today's international forefront of solar control technology, using imported materials and advanced technology, product performance and long service life. Directly exported to over 50 countries including Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom, the United States, South Africa, solar street light controller, power generation system controller, fully waterproof controller, four periods a constant current control one machine (up to 98% efficiency), City The electric hybrid controller to introduce one selling products under the company: fully waterproof solar mains hybrid street lighting controller JWL-TB.

The controller is designed for solar DC power supply system, solar DC lamp system, small-scale solar power plant system design, advanced mains complementary switching function automatically switches to the mains power supply when the battery power is low. Using mains independent power to the load rather than directly to electricity and access ways to the battery above, can reduce the damage caused by the mains battery and mains power, can effectively reduce the mains power supply power configuration. And the entire switching process to achieve soft switching of the load and the battery will not impact the work load is not affected. The controller via a computer chip on the battery voltage, light battery voltage, the discharge current, ambient temperature and other parameters, sampling by dedicated control model, the discharge rate of the battery characteristics, high accuracy temperature compensation correction control, and intelligent and efficient PWM fuzzy charging method for charging the battery, the 7-step voltage control to ensure that the battery in the best condition, greatly extending the service life of the battery. The controller also has a variety of operating modes, to meet the various needs of different users.


1 with mains detection function, when the mains, the battery voltage drops to close the output automatically switches to the mains power supply the mains switching voltage point, mains, battery continued to discharge, to put points.

, Battery of scientific management methods, when there have been put on the battery charge upgrade, once compensation maintenance, normal use, to use straight rechargeyour and float, combined charge, once every 7 days to enhance charge prevent 3 LED visual display of the solar cell, the state of the battery, load and mains, digital display adjustable parameters, and allows users to understand the system is running in real time situation.

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