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Jin Shi Dun terminal solar power system controller

In today's increasingly scarce energy, to highlight the growing pressure of global environmental problems, countries have to seek new energy - renewable energy, especially solar energy situation for a world survey of solar energy research and utilization status report. The report shows ? recent years, the rapid development of solar technology ? especially solar building, everyone is a great effort, and a lot of results, has opened a new chapter in the solar industry to market. With the development of energy, awareness of environmental protection, as well as solar cell technology, the development of new materials, solar energy is bound to a dazzling light. Shenzhen of Jin Shi Shield Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprises in Guangdong Province. Is a comprehensive company, industry and trade in one of the earliest professional R & D, production and sales of solar controller factory one, which produced 15/20A terminal solar power system controller is one of the company's best-selling products this is a specially designed for small and medium-sized independent solar power generation system, the long-term needs to be powered mainly used in load or manual control load switching system. Such as: traffic lights, wild, automatic test equipment, household (family use) power supply system. Using special software based on expert control system to achieve intelligent optimization SOC control, more advanced, more reliable and more efficient, effective guarantee and extend the service life of the system components, also uses a large diameter, large interval terminals, you can install a maximum 6mm ² wires, wires interval 9.5mm, gaining the upper hand of the insulation performance and installation reliability, easy slide wire characteristics, intuitive system working status LED indicator.

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