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Solar street light controller effective use of solar energy

Solar energy received on the ground by the impact of climate, day and night, the seasons, with intermittent instability. If the solar energy is stored as reservoir water accumulated in the power generation, will be a very good way. Therefore, the dispersion of the solar storage becomes necessary, in particular the more favorable to the too-scale utilization of solar energy, solar energy can be stored directly, but the stored energy is limited. If you want to store solar energy effectively, you have to convert solar energy into other forms of storage. Due to technical limitations, large-capacity, long, economical storage of solar energy is still relatively difficult. In fact, the truth of the storage of solar energy, such as in daily life, Thermoses save hot water, is a heat storage. Water can not the Thermoses 24 hours or longer to cool. Shenzhen of Jin Shi Shield Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. for providing professional quality solar street light controller, mains hybrid controller, solar controller, cooperation hotline 0755 -89,918,655

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